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You can create all your philanthropic impact through a single platform

Empower your Giving with My Impact Meter!

Say goodbye to traditional cash donations and hello to a new way of making a real difference. With My Impact Meter, you can choose from a variety of essential services to gift to the beneficiaries of your choice. From food assistance to education resources and health services, we've got you covered

Our platform is user-friendly. It sends a unique tracking ID to the beneficiary which they can use to redeem the service you have gifted. Plus, with a variety of projects and packages offered by registered NGOs, you have the choice to give to causes you feel most passionate about. 

Through the use of technology, we ensure transparency, reliability, visibility and equitability in your donations. 

Join our community of impactors today and start making a difference in the lives of deserving beneficiaries. Sign up now and start creating your legacy with My Impact Meter!


My Impact Meter in a Nutshell!

Our Model



The one who wants to create an impactor(the donor)


Not for Profits, Universities and others who can directly receive donation

Grocery Supplier

A Commercial service provider from where the beneficiary can collect gifted food services

Educational Institute

A Commercial service provider from where the beneficiary can get gifted education services

Why Use My Impact Meter

Charitable giving today is often characterized by consumption and fragmentation, plagued by a lack of trust, and unequal distribution. At My Impact Meter (MIM), we're changing the game with a social impact platform designed to make a real difference in breaking the cycle of generational poverty in Pakistan by vowing to support AT LEAST one generation with the hopes that the next won't need it!

By using our platform, you can be confident that your charitable efforts are going directly to those who need them most in a transparent and reliable way, with measurable and tangible impact. With our innovative approach, we're revolutionizing the way people think about giving and making a lasting impact on communities in need

Would you like to become a Volunteer?

My Impact Meter needs all the volunteers we can get. If you would like to become a volunteer, please email us at with the title: “Volunteer” and we will send you the whole volunteer pack.

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