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ACT NOW to Contribute Towards Flood Relief

Monsoon related floods have affected nearly 33 million in Pakistan leaving about 1100+ people dead and others injured or homeless.

These devastated flood victims are in desperate need of your help!  

We are the technical enablers for Alkhidmat Foundation who is in the field providing aid to the flood victims!  

Today, Tomorrow, Everyday – Meaningful


will always be the need of the hour  

My Impact Meter brings a SYSTEMATIC approach to
Charity – creating SIMPLICITY and EFFECTIVENESS 

Over the last few decades, Pakistan has faced many problems but the most wicked of them all has been POVERTY – a problem which is impossible to solve with the current unsystematic approach because it has gaps and inconsistencies.

Currently charity is


Short-term, ineffective help 


A lot of effort and resources are required from NGOs to collect funds


No single
 interface to measure cumulative impact one has created


No association of success to the impact one creates in the world 

Breaking the POVERTY cycle

Generational poverty exists due to

  • Lack of basic nutrition leading to stunted growth and disadvantage

  • Lack of quality diagnoses leading to death from treatable diseases 

  • Lack of quality education leading to reduced opportunities and being stuck in a poverty cycle 

My Impact Meter breaks the poverty cycle by 

  • Providing basic nutrition leading to healthy

  • Providing quality diagnoses leading to early treatment of diseases

  • Providing Quality education leading to increased opportunities for establishing an income

How My Impact Meter works

My Impact Meter allows a donor (Impactor) to gift services to a beneficiary (Impact Supplier) which can be collected from a registered commercial service provider (Impact Supplier) against a unique tracking ID. The Impact Supplier gets paid through the App

How you can join

On the MiM platform, we have four roles to choose from


Impact Supplier



Each role has its own My Impact Meter App. You will download the app that best suits your role. 

Roles On The M!M Platform

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