Visionary Drive for 50 Cleft Surgeries

Every year in Pakistan, more than 9,000 newborns, or approximately one in 530 babies, face a silent but significant challenge - a cleft. This congenital condition is characterized by a gap or division in a part of the body. The most common forms of clefts involve the lip and   palate. These conditions emerge when the facial structures fail to fuse completely during fetal development.

My Impact Meter proudly spearheads a substantial initiative in collaboration with Pakistan Cleft Lip and Palate Association, driven by a dedicated commitment to provide life-transforming cleft surgeries. Our audacious aim is to complete 50 of these life-changing surgeries within one month, with the intent to bring forth smiles, instill confidence, and offer hope to those impacted by cleft conditions.

Success Stories

Types of Cleft

The Impact of a Cleft on an Individual's Life

Speech Difficulties

Clefts can hinder speech development, affecting articulation and sound production.

Ear Infections

They can increase the risk of ear infections, further impacting health.

Breathing Difficulties

The condition may cause difficulties in breathing.

Dental Problems

Clefts often lead to dental issues such as misaligned teeth and gaps, necessitating specialized dental care.

Feeding and Nutrition

Babies born with clefts may struggle with feeding and nutrition, potentially leading to malnutrition and growth issues.

Social Stigma

The visible difference caused by clefts can result in social stigma, potentially affecting self-esteem

Psychological Issues

Individuals with clefts may experience psychological challenges due to the condition's impact on their lives.

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