Earn Tech: Seekho Aur Kamao
What is it?

Empowering the Youth: Seekho Aur Kamao is a transformative initiative designed with the core objective of enabling one person per family. The aim is to impart essential IT training, equipping individuals to swiftly transition from training to earning. This initiative commences in Lahore, focusing on creating a substantial impact within a localized and targeted community.

Many individuals within our society are currently engaged in less productive means of earning a livelihood, such as selling flowers or cleaning car windshields at traffic signals. Seekho Aur Kamao is tailored to transform this scenario by providing comprehensive IT training to elevate their skill set and open doors to more meaningful employment opportunities.

To ensure a seamless transition towards sustainable income generation, we've introduced a unique and supportive approach. Alongside the training, participants will receive monthly grocery provisions for up to six months. This crucial support meets their basic food needs, allowing them to focus fully on their education and skill development without the immediate worry of daily sustenance. Additionally, each participant will receive a laptop for training purposes. This empowers them to learn and earn easily, removes barriers to employment, and enhances their ability to function in the digital economy.

Positive Change through Knowledge and Skills

We believe in empowering communities through education, ensuring a brighter future for individuals and their families. With Seekho Aur Kamao, we are striving to bridge the gap between potential and opportunity, creating a wave of positive change through knowledge, skills, and practical support. By providing essential IT skills, ongoing grocery support, and the tools needed for success, we are enabling participants to build sustainable livelihoods and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

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