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About Us

Impactors are people who want to make this world better! Impactees are those who need support. Impact suppliers are grocery stores, doctors and schools.

My Impact Meter is a Centralized Platform, Social Media and Impact Services Ecosystem for creating Impact.

The platform connects Impactors to Impact Suppliers from where they can buy food, health services and education services for Impactees of their choice. Impactees can then physically go and avail these services. So that all impact happens in one place, Impactors can also donate to NFPs through the platform. My Impact Meter creates an impact footprint to measure success in terms of impact, so impactors keep setting a higher bar for themselves! Impactors can invite their friends to become their Impact buddies and multiply their impact with friends!

Would you like to become a Volunteer?

My Impact Meter needs all the volunteers we can get. If you would like to become a volunteer, please email us at with the title: “Volunteer” and we will send you the whole volunteer pack.

Our Purpose
We exist to empower and enable people to create a prosperous and just world by unleashing their potential to do good for humanity
Our Vision
A prosperous and just world where success is defined as the collective happiness and prosperity of the entire human race.
Our Mission
We are creating a system in which individuals, communities, organizations and countries are motivated and incentivized to come together and create a prosperous and just world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My Impact Meter (MIM) is a central digital platform to facilitate and track charitable donations. Donors (Impactors) can gift services like groceries, education, skills training and health care to deserving people (Impactees). Donors (Impactors) can also donate to verified charities, present on the platform.  

Impactor is the donor who uses the MiM platform for gifting services or giving donations to verified charities on the MiM platform. Impactors can download the My Impact Meter application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • My Impact Meter platform provides complete visibility, trust, personalization, and transparency to charity giving.  
  • You know whom you are giving to, and you know that your money was used exactly for what it was intended to be used for. 
  • The platform ensures equitable distribution of resources by proving full visibility to impactors.  
  • Once there is an impactee in your list, you can see the entire history of your own and others’ contributions to that Impactee.  
  • If an impactee has already been helped with monthly staple food or school fee, then you can choose to help another impactee who has not been helped yet. 
  • It also provides convenience and simplicity. Impactors can donate while sitting in their home, on the job, or while on their vacations in or out of the country. 
  • Using MIM platform Impactors give their charity with a click using their credit/debit cards, their in-app wallet or JazzCash and can easily track their records.  
  • It helps create inspiration and trust through social connections. 
  • You can make Impact buddies, share requests with each other, see each other’s impact (depending on privacy settings). 
  • Inspire each other to create meaningful social impact to completely eradicate poverty in Pakistan. 

Even though, Pakistan is one of the most charitable nations in the world, charity in Pakistan is consumptive and fragmented. Whereas our charity may feed someone for a day, it does not provide a family with long- term food security. It is also besieged with a lack of trust and visibility. The money given to support a family with food and education may very well end up in drugs, gambling, or something else for which it was not intended. The other problem in Pakistan is that of unequal distribution of resources within the poor class. Some people beg and ask many to help them and others do not ask at all. As a result, some get a lot (they may be getting the school fee of their child from multiple sources) while others get nothing at all. 

At My Impact Meter (MIM), we're revolutionizing charitable giving. By leveraging technology, we add transparency, trackability, visibility, equitability, personalization, and simplicity to your charity.  

Impactee is a beneficiary (deserving person) on the MiM platform. Impactees can only be added by an impactor or by an NGO.  

 Impactees added by NGOs will be visible to all impactors and any impactor can add them to his/her list of impactees.  

An Impactee added by an impactor will only be visible to the impactor who has added the impactee. The impactor may choose to share the impactee with an impact buddy.  

Just like friends on Facebook or connections on LinkedIn, Impactors can invite other impactors to become their impact buddies. They will be able to see each other’s impact and will be able to share impactees with each other.  

All those commercial service providers from where impactees can redeem their gifted services are called Impact Suppliers. These include Grocery Stores, Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Vocational and technical training institutes. 

 Download the MiM Grocery Supplier for grocery store or MiM Education Supplier for schools, colleges, universities, and other institutes. Make your profile and then send an email to to get verified and onboarded.

  • By signing up for MIM, Impact Supplier (Grocery Store) will get a chance to grow their business by getting access to another revenue stream. 
  • Boost your daily sales and increase your income while playing an important role in the global fight against poverty. 
  • Payments from MIM are easily recoverable.  
  • Cost effective advertising and marketing for grocery stores. (By MIM). 
  • More access to customers means more business. 
  • Once you join our network of service providers - you start providing an essential service to people in need, helping to make a positive impact in the community and society. 
  • You can expand your reach and provide education to a wider student base being supported by impactors (donors) who are interested in sponsoring students at your institute. 
  • You can increase your income and generate revenue by being able to onboard more students. 
  • With a unique tracking ID, Impactees (students) can easily redeem their education vouchers at your Institute, which ensures that the vouchers are used for their intended purpose. 
  • Cost effective advertising promotes your institution and attracts new students. 
  • As donors browse the platform, they will have the opportunity to learn about your institution and educational opportunities you offer. Potentially increasing your student enrollment and revenue. 
  • You can have a positive social impact by providing educational opportunities to deserving students who may not have had access to them otherwise. This can help break the cycle of poverty and improve the prospects of individual students as well as their families. 
  • Easily manage courses and trainings with their customized costs. 

Download "MiM Not for Profit" from the Google Play store or Apple App store, enter your NGO details and then send an email to with your paperwork. Then wait for verification and approval from the verification and legal department of MiM. After verification and approval, your NGO will become part of the platform. 

  1. NGO registration certificate  
  2. PCP certificate  
  3. Tax exemption certificate  
  1. New stream of funding and new donors for NGOs without any effort. 
  2. A marketplace to showcase programs and projects. 
  3. Access to Impactee & Fund Management System 
  4. A platform where deserving people can be added by NGOs so that anyone can gift them services such as grocery and education. These gifted services will be added to the NGO’s impact and included in their portal as “Gift-in-kind”. This will save the NGO a lot of money and effort to deliver those services manually.  
  5. Access to international payment gateways and donations from all over the world 
  6. Assistance in outreach and marketing through social media channels and MiM events 
  7. Periodic technology trainings 


MiM is creating a system in which individuals, communities and organizations are motivated and incentivized to come together and help reduce poverty. 

My Impact Meter is a registered private limited organization in Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the name of My Impact Meter Pvt. Limited. It is also a registered organization in the United States of America (USA) and the British Virgin Islands (BVI). 

MiM is not collecting or saving any sensitive data like live location or credit/debit card information. MiM has partnered with Bank Alfalah and a fintech company Paymob to securely process Impactor payments. 

The impact footprint of the Impactors is only visible to their Impact Buddies. Impactors can set the privacy settings of their profiles as private which will hide their Impact footprint even from their Impact Buddies. 

There are two types of Impactees: 

  1. Impactees added by the Impactors: No one can see their details except for the person who has added them or anyone that Impactor chooses to share the information with (Impact Buddies). 
  2. Impactees added by NGOs: These are verified Impactees who can be searched by any Impactor, but their mobile numbers are not visible to the Impactors. 


  1. In the case of grocery, MiM charges 1% to Impactor while the banking gateways charge 3%, so the total charge to the donor is 4% per transaction. The donor has the option to pay these charges separately when gifting grocery. 
  2. In the case of Education, My Impact Meter negotiates with the education provider. Our charges to the provider are always less than 10%. The premise is that they should not increase their fee; instead, they should include MiM charges as part of their fee. So, from an impactor perspective, there is no charge.  
  3. In the case of NGO, My Impact Meter negotiates with the NGO. Besides providing new streams of funding, we also provide a fund management system and international payment gateway to the NGO. The premise is that the NGO incurs costs to do all these activities by themselves which is on average about 30%. We try to charge a fee which is lower than the cost of the NGO to raise and manage funds. Our charges to the NGO are always less than 10%. In this case also, from an impactor perspective, there is no charge. 

My Impact Meter (MiM) is a registered E-Commerce platform with SECP, and all its accounts are duly audited by a reputable Chartered Accountant firm. All transactions are traceable on the platform and donors are notified whenever the services they gift are redeemed by impactees 

  1. Bank Account Transfer (IBFT) 
  2. Debit/Credit Card 
  3. Jazz Cash  
  4. Cheque  

Yes! JazzCash is available for online payment. 

Head Office of MiM is located at 4th Floor, CP 63, Fairways Commercial Defence Raya Golf Resort, Sector M, DHA Phase 6, Lahore, Pakistan. 

Ms. Kanwal Cheema is the Founder and CEO of My Impact Meter (MiM). 

Ms. Kanwal Cheema is the Founder and CEO of My Impact Meter (MiM). She is an expert in technology, Ex-Global Account Director of CISCO and Ex-Vice President Marketing of Graphiant USA. She is also the CEO of Alplaar Consulting. 

Her LinkedIn profile is here: 

Her TedX talk is here: 

Her Evolve article is here:

Following are members of Board of Advisers:

  1. Kashif ul Haq (Chairman of the board) – Chairman and CEO Corvit Networks  
  2. Kanwal Cheema  
  3. Shahid Iqbal – MD Alkhidmat Global; Ex Secretary General AlKhidmat 
  4. Izhar ul Haq Hashmi  
  5. Abbas Yousufzai  
  6. Ayesha Shahed  
  7. Habibullah Khan – CEO Penumbra  

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money online by multiple funders to finance projects and businesses.  

 My Impact Meter (MiM) is a social enterprise which is a digital platform that provides a centralized medium from where all charitable donations can be routed. These donations can be towards NGO causes and packages or towards gifting services such as grocery and education directly to impactees (beneficiaries). 

Impact levels are based on the computation of Impact credits, which are described later in the FAQs. Every level raised after the completion of required Impact Credits. Impact Levels are as follows:  

  1. 0-999                Level 0 
  2. 1000-1999        Level 1 
  3. 2000-3999        Level 2 
  4. 4000-7999        Level 3 
  5. 8000-15999      Level 4 
  6. 16000-31999    Level 5 
  7. 32000-63999    Level 6
  8. 64000-127999  Level 7 

For every charitable donation made through the platform by impactors, they earn impact credits. Each Impact credit is equal to 1 mg of gold. This is dynamically calculated at the time of the donation.  

We will be bringing a comprehensive plan for use of impact credits for the larger good of society where an individual’s impact will be matched by the partner organizations.  

The services available on MIM platform are gifting grocery, education (school, college, university, technical trainings) 

Yes, credit cards are acceptable on MIM platform. 

Following is the list of some of the NGOs as this list grows continuously  

  1. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan (AKFP)  
  2. Allah Waley Trust (AWT) 
  3. Million Smiles Foundation (MSF) 
  4. Dastras Foundation 
  5. Sahara for Life Trust 
  6. Transparent Hands Trust 
  7. Pakistan Citizens Alliance 
  8. Ghauri Educational Development Society
  9. Hum Mashal-e-Rah Foundation
  10. International Foundation for Education Empowerment & Learning(IFEEL)
  11. Khursheed Jameel Foundation 
  12. Molana Tariq Jamil Foundation
  13. Pakistan Public Help Foundation
  14. Roshni Association
  15. Sarwar Shahida Research Institute of Cardiovascular Science Trust
  16. Society for Audiological and Development Aliments
  17. DEAF Welfare Awareness Foundation 
  18. Tareen Education Foundation

Following is the list of some of the schools as this list grows continuously 

  1. Allied Schools 
  2. EFA Schools System 
  3. Superior Group 
  4. The Spirit School 

Following is the list of some of the schools as this list grows continuously 

  1. Enablers 
  2. CORVIT  
  3. Skillstodo 
  4. PITB 
  5. Atomcamp 

Health Services and Community Services will be available in the near future. 

Management Team

Kanwal Cheema

CEO & Founder

Ex Account Director @ Cisco
​ Ex VP Marketing @ Graphiant​
Does Consulting gigs to Fund My Impact Meter​ Obsessed with leaving a​ legacy

Ayesha Shahed

Executive Director

Ex Brand Manager Nestle Australia
​ Engineer by Training
Marketer by Profession
Storyteller by Nature

Rizwan Baig

Director Operations

Chartered Accountant ​ Took a plunge at being ​ an Entrepreneur ​ and ended up with lots​ of experience

Sidra Cheema

Director Marketing

Ex-Tech Consultant and​ team lead at IBM ​ Social Media Influencer​ Event manager on the side ​

The Real Warriors

At the core of the this whole machine is the diverse team of Sales, Operations, Developers, Graphic Designers, Content Writers and Creatives which keeps the engine revving


Data Scientist


Coding Ninja (Back-End)


Website Developer


Flutter Developer


Flutter Developer


Flutter Developer


Marketing Manager


Operations Girl


Marketing officer


UI/UX designer


Graphics Designer


Social Impact Manager


Sales Manager


Finance Manager

Board Of Advisers

Dr Arslan Khalid

Ex-Minister of Information Technology, Punjab

Dr. Arslan Khalid is a Pakistani entrepreneur, doctor, and political figure. He served as the Ex-Minister of Information Technology, Punjab, and was the focal person on digital affairs for ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan. A graduate of King Edward Medical University, he is currently the CEO of Innova Labs and Diagnostics. During his tenure, he played a key role in the Covid-19 response as part of the NCC and NCOC, and contributed to the Ehsaas social protection program. As Minister of IT, Punjab, he initiated tech education projects to provide hands-on training for students. He is now a director at My Impact Meter, where he introduced the 'Earn Tech' initiative.

Kashif Ul Haq

Corvit Networks

Kashif is currently working as CEO of Corvit Networks, a leading IT Services Organization in the region, having over 20 years of C-Level experience both inside and outside of Pakistan.


Director –PWTD

Dr. Izhar is founding member of Akhuwat & also Director PWTD, and has over 30 Years of experience in impact sector. He took numerous trainings and courses in cancer, management and human resource.

Habibullah Khan

Founder & Director Content – Penumbra Digital

Habib is a premier start-up storyteller of the region. He works with companies and start-ups in the area where sustainability, strategy, culture, technology and branding meet. His work helps companies with ambitious leaders disrupt their competitors.

Dr Javaid Asgher

DHMC Chairman & Chief of Radiology

Dr Javaid Asgher is the Chairman and Chief of Radiology of Doctors Hospital. He is also in charge of the Heart, Brain, and Body Scan Diagnostic Imaging Center located within DHMC