Appeal for Donations to Help People Affected by Flood in Pakistan

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We have joined forces with two of the major organizations working on the ground to provide necessary aid to the victims around the clock.

We have partnered with Alkhidmat to give them technical support in receiving and processing local and international donations from people all around the world willing to help Pakistan in one of its most difficult time!  

Pakistan Flood Urgent Appeal

Unprecedented rains and floods in Pakistan have caused large scale devastation in various parts of the country. The entire Pakistani nation, civil society and humanitarian organizations have stepped forward to assist in the rescue and relief efforts. And this is just a beginning, a lot more effort will be required in Rehabilitation work


Help Through Alkhidmat Relief Packs Powered by MiM

Relief Packages

Drinking Water

PKR. 210

Dry Food

PKR. 1,000

Emergency Medicine

PKR. 500


PKR. 2,500

Cooked Food

PKR. 10,000

Food Package

PKR. 5,000


PKR. 20,000

Medical Camp

Medical Camp

Masjid Rehabilitation

PKR. 800,000

Solar Water Filtration Plant

PKR. 2,000,000

Disaster at a Glance

Houses Destroyed
Houses Damaged
Acres of crops Ruined
Livestock Perished

My Impact Meter (MIM): Pakistan Floods 2022 Response September 9, 2022

My Impact Meter (M!M) is founded on the principles of creating a positive impact for humanity via a systematic approach, helping the people in need and graduating people out of poverty. Recent floods in Pakistan have highlighted the need of not only bringing people and resources together for helping the flood victims but these floods have also highlighted the need to adopt a….


The severe weather has continued to take a direct toll on human lives, with more than 1,200 people reported to have died, including 244 women, 526 men and 416 children. Nearly 4,900 people have reportedly been injured, including at least 2,670 women, 1,281 men and 816 children.

Rainfall is 2.87 times higher than the national 30-year average.

Over 1.1 million houses have now been damaged or destroyed, with the number of destroyed houses doubling to over 436,000 and the number of damaged houses rising by 63 per cent to over 736,000.

Humanitarian partners are providing aid for flood-affected people even as weather and ground conditions inhibit access.

2000 kilometers of road and 98 bridges were damaged or destroyed over the past week, for a total of over 5,000 km and 243 bridges damaged or destroyed in the last 2.5 months. Most of this increase was incurred in KP, which reported nearly 1,600 km of damaged and destroyed roads as of 1 September, compared to just 7 km a week ago.