What is ImpacTech?

Through the ImpacTech initiative, we ask the Pakistani professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to sponsor IT skills training for the unemployed or underpriviliged youth of Pakistan. This will pull families out of Poverty at the same time as having a significant positive impact on the IT export income of Pakistan.
Over 64% of the population in Pakistan is under 30 years of age which equates to nearly 148M people.
According to the UNDP 2020 report, only 6% of these people get access to higher education of more than 12 years. Also, 4M people apply for jobs every year but less than 40% get employed.
On the other hand, demand for IT skills has dramatically increased globally. Post Covid, most of these skills required in the first world are being sought out from more cost-effective markets in developing countries.
Pakistan has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from this demand if we start skilling up our youth in basic IT skills.
By providing youngsters valuable IT skills such as web development, graphic design, video editing, and digital marketing, we are giving them an opportunity to start earning a basic income of a couple of hundred dollars per month through freelancing.
With your support, the lives of these youngsters and their families will be transformed and the IT export income will become a significant contributor in to the economy of Pakistan.

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How to Donate to ImpacTech

Go to  home screen, simply select the package you want, select the quantity, make the payment and voila! You have just given the opportunity to a youngster to earn an ongoing income, pulled their family out of poverty and put in your bit to increase the IT export income of Pakistan

Are you an IT Skills Training Provider?

If so, please go here to get all the info to signup as a provider on the MIM app and email us at faraz@myimpactmeter.com to express your interest to become a provider on ImpacTech

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