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Transform lives with My Impact Meter! Say goodbye to cash donations and empower beneficiaries in food, education, and health. Our user-friendly platform provides unique tracking IDs to redeem donated services. 

Choose from registered NGOs, supporting causes close to your heart. 

 Experience transparency, reliability, and equity. Sign up now to create your legacy with My Impact Meter!  

Are You Looking to Make a Positive Impact in the World?

Every time you donate essential services, you have the power to help people break free from generational poverty and improve their lives. Your contributions, no matter how small, can have a big impact on someone's future. Join the movement today and become an Impactor!

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Impactor Features

Create Your Profile Seamlessly

Our user-friendly sign-up process is simple, enabling you to effortlessly create your profile and become an 'impactor' in just a few clicks.

Add or Choose an Impactee 

 Register an Impactee (beneficiary) of your choice by providing their phone number and CNIC number. You can also select an Impactee from a verified list created by registered NGOs on our platform. 

Gift Grocery to Impactees

Support families in need with grocery vouchers through MiM App. Choose an impactee, gift a voucher, and they'll receive an SMS with a unique tracking ID. Redeemable at registered grocery stores. Earn Impact credits when vouchers are redeemed

Gift Education to Impactees

Empower students through sponsored school admissions or fees. Offer vocational training to Impactees, improving career opportunities. Choose from registered Impactees or add new ones. Impactees receive tracking IDs for educational institute redemption.

Support and Contribute to Trusted NGOs

My Impact Meter allows you to easily support trusted NGOs and their causes through flexible contribution packages. 

Make Impact Buddies

Through My Impact meter you can Invite, connect, and collaborate with friends over shared interests and causes. You can do this by sharing Impactees with your Impact buddies as to work together towards shaping a better world and multiplying impact

Track Impact Through Our Personalized Dashboard

On your home screen you can view your Personalized impact dashboard to track your donations and set impact goals for yourself

Earn And Share Impact Credits and Badges

Earn and share impact credits and badges through my impact meter to inspire others and ignite a movement for positive change

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