Corporate Partnerships to End Poverty in Pakistan

The #EndPovertyinPakistan movement is a call to action aimed at reducing poverty levels in Pakistan. Poverty is a major issue in Pakistan, with millions of people living below the poverty line. There are 44 million people stuck in generational poverty.

Generational poverty results from persistent cycles of disadvantage rooted in inadequate nutrition and limited access to quality education. Lack of nutrition leads to stunted growth and underdevelopment. Limited education and stunted growth hinder competitiveness against those with a standard upbringing. Therefore, they again end up being poor, and this cycle of disadvantage gets repeated generation after generation. Breaking the cycle requires supporting one generation, hindered by the absence of a systematic support system.

The Impact Meter, utilizing technology, systematically addresses poverty in Pakistan by offering scale, trust, visibility, equitability, and impact measurement.

On this platform, families can be adopted for basic grocery and education in a transparent, personalized, and visible fashion. Families can also be supported through donations to NGOs. Adopting a model inspired by the Prophet (S.A.W.S), breaking generational poverty involves blessed families supporting underprivileged ones. This strategy, exemplified by the Ansar and Muhajir model, aims to sustainably eradicate poverty.

We appeal to all sectors to unite, sign a pact, and join the movement to end poverty in Pakistan. Let’s ensure no one sleeps hungry, and every child has access to education. It will take all of us to join hands to end the pandemic of extreme poverty.

To launch the movement, we visited universities and organizations, receiving an encouraging response. We’re amazed by the goodwill and urgency displayed toward poverty eradication. Grateful for partnerships formed this week, especially with Game District, Brand Spectrum, Wateen, Jerdoni, PITB, and Roshan Packages, each offering unique contributions. Excited about potential collaborations

Game District  

Saad Hameed, CEO of Game District, pledges full support to the #EndPovertyinPakistan movement initiated by My Impact Meter. Game District pledges to use the My Impact Meter App to aid those impacted by poverty, emphasizing the importance of collective action. Saad calls on others to join the cause, and Game District will enhance ration distribution with app-enabled visibility and tracking. 


Wateen eagerly joins #EndPovertyinPakistan, integrating CSR activities into My Impact Meter for scalable, trackable impact. CEO Adil Rashid and CFO Ghulam Mustafa appreciate the platform’s framework for ongoing measurement and reporting of CSR impact.


Hassan Shah, CEO of Jerdoni, pledges staunch support for the #EndPovertyinPakistan campaign. Jerdoni vows to use the My Impact Meter App to aid those in poverty, offering special brand discounts for movement supporters. Shah emphasizes the importance of collective efforts against poverty and encourages others to join the cause.


Yasser Bashir, CEO of Arbisoft, supports #EndPovertyinPakistan, pledging a pilot program to integrate Arbisoft’s Social Impact Program on the platform. The initiative enables employees to identify impactees for transparent service delivery, covering groceries and education. Yasser emphasizes collaborative efforts and urges others to join the cause.

Brand Spectrum  

Anwar Kabir, CEO of Brand Spectrum, praises My Impact Meter and commits to the #EndPovertyinPakistan movement. Brand Spectrum will fully utilize the My Impact Meter App to aid impactees.


The PITB meeting focused on collaboration for the #EndPovertyinPakistan movement and exploring synergies at the technology level. Discussions included the potential use of MIM as a platform for PITB’s ration distribution programs.
Moreover, in our discussions, we explored how PITB could provide support to make payments easier on the MIM platform. Additionally, we delved into potential collaboration for better verification of deserving families. Mr. Faisal Yousaf, Chairman PITB, is a visionary and very helpful towards the private sector.
He emphasized the movement’s significance and the potential for PITB and MIM to collaborate in eradicating poverty nationally and internationally.    


Mr. Salman declared his resolute commitment to the #EndPovertyinPakistan campaign. In a dedicated move, Mr. Faisal Yousaf, through his companies Medialogic and Kinetic Pakistan, pledged support for individuals affected by poverty. They will utilize the My Impact Meter App, with Medialogic incorporating internally verified impactees as beneficiaries. Moreover, their extensive network will be leveraged to promote the campaign.

Kinetic Pakistan

Salman Danish, Group CEO of Catalyst Venture, wholeheartedly committed to the #EndPovertyinPakistan campaign. His companies, Medialogic and Kinetic Pakistan, will use the My Impact Meter App to aid individuals in poverty. Medialogic will include internally verified impactees among the beneficiaries and utilize its extensive network to promote the campaign.

Roshan Packages  

Mr. Tayyab Aijaz, CEO of Roshan Packages, and Ms. Rija Tayyab expressed their commitment to the #EndPovertyinPakistan campaign through “My Impact Meter.” Roshan Packages will actively use the app to adopt families, working towards pulling them out of generational poverty.

Kanwal Cheema, CEO of My Impact Meter, emphasizes the need for leveraging partnerships, innovation, networking, and awareness to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction in Pakistan.

The movement invites all sectors to join, sign a pact, and collectively work towards ending poverty in Pakistan. By utilizing technology for transparent and impactful charitable giving, the aim is to systematically eradicate generational poverty and build a brighter future for generations to come.

Join us in this mission, and let’s make a difference together.