Global Summit Addresses Peace in Gaza: Kanwal Cheema Represents Pakistan

At a significant international gathering organized by the Common Action Forum, 40 top influencers and intellectuals were invited to attend from different countries, nations, and religions to discuss the urgent need for peace in Gaza. Kanwal Cheema, the Founder and CEO of My Impact Meter, was invited as the only delegate from Pakistan to this event which was held in Madrid, Spain.

The conference aimed to find solutions and strategies for peace in Gaza, bringing together diverse perspectives. Despite Pakistan having well-known personalities in various fields, Kanwal Cheema received a special invitation due to her work in making charity systems more transparent and fair through My Impact Meter’s digital approach.

Kanwal Cheema’s impact extended beyond borders through her involvement in The Infinite Foundation’s Emergency Gaza Relief Campaign, where she played a crucial role in raising funds for families and children in Gaza. This joint effort seeks to provide immediate support to those facing displacement, loss, and trauma. The dedicated volunteers of The Infinite Foundation (TIF) are on the ground in Gaza, working tirelessly despite challenging conditions. Tragically, three of their volunteers have been killed by bombing while selflessly serving in this mission. The campaign, powered by My Impact Meter and The Infinite Foundation, represents a shift towards compassionate digital humanitarianism.

While Pakistan has some world class diplomatic figures, it was kanwal Cheema’s unique vision and commitment to global peace which earned her this exclusive invite to this international event in Spain. The invitation underscores her leadership not just in Pakistan but on the global stage.

In a world often marked by divisions, Kanwal Cheema’s journey highlights the potential of digital charity and international collaboration. Let’s contribute to the Emergency Gaza Relief Campaign, coming together as a global community to help those in Gaza facing a severe crisis.