My Impact Meter (MiM) and the National University of Emerging Sciences FAST-NUCES signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the MiM Student Ambassadors Program.

My Impact Meter’s CEO Kanwal Cheema and the Rector of FAST-NUCES, Dr. Aftab Maroof, officially signed the MoU.

This program seeks to provide FAST-NUCES students with valuable experience, skills, and a deeper understanding of their local communities. The initiative aims to raise awareness and make a positive impact through strategic partnerships and engaging campaigns. The positive impact of this program is eagerly anticipated.

The MiM Student Ambassadors Program is a key part of My Impact Meter’s ‘Tech for Social Impact’ movement. It aims to leverage technology for positive societal change through collaboration between students and tech professionals.

The program involves students in meaningful activities like volunteering, onboarding Impactors & Impact Suppliers, and community outreach. It offers students the chance to understand the importance of community service and the influential power of advocacy.

The agreement marks the start of a partnership fostering collaboration, learning, and growth for participating students.

My Impact Meter plans to expand the MiM Student Ambassadors Program to other academic institutions and has initiated the Academic Engagement Program (AEP) with top educational institutions in Pakistan. The organization’s leadership and team members mentor students through internships, training sessions, and project supervision.