MIM, Allied & EFA School MOU

My Impact Meter and Allied & EFA Schools unite in a groundbreaking ceremony to launch a nationwide education initiative for underprivileged children.

My Impact Meter’s Revolutionary Digital Approach

At the forefront of social impact digitalization, My Impact Meter is revolutionizing charitable donations by introducing transparency and equitability. The platform enables individuals to contribute groceries and education, measuring their social impact.

Allied Schools’ Unwavering Commitment to Quality Education

Allied Schools, a leading educational institution, consistently sets the standard for quality education. Renowned for its all-inclusive learning experience, the institution stands as a beacon in the education sector.

Collaborative Initiative for Education Equality

Global donors can now sponsor deserving children at Allied or EFA schools in Pakistan through My Impact Meter. The overarching goal is to bridge the education gap and ensure that children without access receive a high-quality education.

Grand Unveiling of the Signing Ceremony

The momentous ceremony, attended by representatives from both organizations, featured Dr. Shahid Mehmood and Kanwal Cheema. Dr. Shahid emphasized the school’s commitment, and Ms. Kanwal Cheema highlighted education’s pivotal role in sustainable development and poverty eradication.

Crucial Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), a cornerstone of this impactful partnership, clearly delineates the terms of collaboration. My Impact Meter will provide the cutting-edge technology platform for donors to sponsor education, while Allied Schools ensures that sponsored children receive a top-tier education through its extensive network.

A Positive Vision for the Future

The signing ceremony concluded on an optimistic note, with both organizations expressing their steadfast commitment to making a societal impact through education. This collaborative partnership serves as a testament to how businesses can unite, address social issues, and contribute to a better future for all.