Launches “ImpacTech” at SkillsGala 2023

My Impact Meter’s ImpacTech Shaping Careers and Communities

Thrilled to announce the unveiling of “ImpacTech” at SkillsGala 2023 on May 27th, My Impact Meter eagerly awaits the event. ImpacTech on our platform empowers donors to support skill development, revolutionizing how individuals contribute to personal and professional growth.

Umair Jaliawala moderated the session. Dr. Amjad Saqib inaugurated ImpacTech, with Kanwal Cheema, Kashif-ul-Haq, Haroon Malik, Saqib Azhar, Naveed Iftikhar, and others sharing the stage.

ImpacTech, powered by the My Impact Meter technology platform, provides a groundbreaking solution for skill empowerment. Donors now have the opportunity to connect aspiring learners with reputable institutes such as Corvit, Enablers, Atomcamp, and Skillstodo. Underprivileged individuals gain access to valuable skills training through these institutions, fostering expertise for thriving career opportunities. As the initiative progresses, additional top-line institutes are set to join the platform.

64% of Pakistan’s population is under 30 (148M people), but only 6% attend universities. Making ImpacTech a crucial initiative because a substantial number of youth remain unemployed. ImpacTech alleviates poverty by offering essential IT skills training to the underprivileged, simultaneously boosting Pakistan’s export income.

ImpacTech’s Strategy for Youth Employment in Pakistan

The introduction of ImpacTech at SkillsGala 2023 served as a platform to showcase the transformative power of skill empowerment. Industry professionals, influencers, and stakeholders experienced firsthand how this initiative fosters the upliftment of communities. The overwhelming response from attendees exemplifies the collective commitment to driving positive change through skill empowerment.

Kanwal Cheema, CEO of My Impact Meter, highlighted ImpacTech as a significant milestone in empowering individuals through skill development. My Impact Meter connects donors with top institutes, empowering recipients to acquire sought-after skills for economic independence. We remain dedicated to expanding our network of prestigious institutes, providing a wide array of skill training opportunities.”

As ImpacTech grows, My Impact Meter partners with organizations to empower individuals through skill development. My Impact Meter fosters seamless connections between donors and recipients for prestigious training programs, fueling personal and professional growth.