My Impact Meter Highlights the Role of Media in Social Impact & Poverty Alleviation at SkillsGala 2023

My Impact Meter discussed digitized charity and media’s role in poverty alleviation at SkillsGala 2023 on May 28th. The discussion centered around the pivotal role played by media and technology in driving social impact and alleviating poverty. The panel comprised top media personalities, and the session was jointly moderated by Kanwal Cheema, CEO of My Impact Meter, and Umair Jaliawala, CEO of Torque and a renowned public speaker.

The session explored how media and technology empower positive change for social impact and poverty alleviation. Media leaders shared insights, experiences, and approaches to raise awareness, engage communities, and drive meaningful impact. Discussions centered on utilizing media platforms, digital tech, and storytelling to address social issues, inspire action, and promote sustainable development.

My Impact Meter CEO, Kanwal Cheema, thanked for organizing an insightful session on media’s role in social impact and poverty alleviation. We brought together experts to explore effective use of media and technology in tackling societal challenges. We firmly believe that by leveraging these powerful tools, we can create a more equitable and inclusive society. Shahid Nazeer Ch, Urdupoint’s Multimedia Head, and Mian Imran Arshad, a prominent Anchor, emphasized understanding the needs of others.

They praised My Impact Meter for promoting equitable charity without compromising the dignity of recipients. Ashraf Sohail, 92 News Executive Editor, praised the app for catalyzing more impactful connections between donors and deserving recipients.
Umair Jaliawala, CEO of Torque and renowned public speaker, noted the session’s value in discussing the transformative potential of media and technology for social change.

The session concluded with shields of appreciation, promoting dialogue and collaboration among media professionals, technology experts, and stakeholders. This highlighted the importance of collective efforts in addressing social challenges and creating a positive impact.